geometry lesson

oly cow, July has been packed.  I feel like I've been sprinting for the whole month and August is (hopefully) my finish line.  Of course, more things will be coming up and I'm sure August will be full too, but I'm hoping things will be a bit less crazytown.  I need to actively not over-schedule myself because I have the bad habit of saying "yes" to too many things and ending up a pile of human stress laying the floor rolling around moaning, "whyyyy."  Okay, that was an exaggeration.  Life is such an ebb and flow of busyness and relaxation, I'm not sure I believe that this elusive "balance" actually exists, just a healthy understanding that sometimes I'm in the ebb of relaxing periods of time and other times I'm in the rush of busy times and that each one of those times doesn't last forever.  There's a light at the end of those busy tunnels where I'll be able to crash and binge on Netflix TV, even if it feels like I'll never be able to get everything done.  
In some ways I feel like trying to find balance is unhealthy.  Trying to constantly remain balanced on some mythical peak of neither under nor overwhelmed, while not falling towards boredom or stress sounds stressful in and of itself.  It seems more like life is just learning to sail calm seas along with stormy seas and learning to find your sea-legs and go with the flow.  Obviously it makes sense not to over schedule yourself and purposely sail into dangerously stormy seas, and similarly to not remain anchored in the shallows.  But I'd rather be sailing somewhere, following the map of my dreams and goals, and encounter the seas I'm given along the way, than stay stuck in the harbor. 


dress(worn as skirt) + top/courtesy of modcloth :: shoes/courtesy of loly in the sky
bag/courtesy of rouge + whimsy :: scarf/thrifted :: shades/courtesy of lulu's

Last week I went into my commenting system and noticed my super old email was still connected to it so I updated my email and somehow I'm now unable to log in or retrieve my account, which means I can't approve comments.  If you've commented in the past week, they are going through, I just can't approve them so they show up for the time being.  I've emailed support three times so far and haven't gotten a response, which is a bit obnoxious, but hopefully the issue will be resolved soon.  So don't worry if your comments aren't showing up, they're going through, I just can't approve them yet!