remixology no. 4

t's been a while since I did a remixology post!  This time I'm creating eight outfits out of eight pieces, not counting shoes and accessories.  Remixology in the summer is a little harder because remixing is much easier with layering, which is just not really an option when it's hot outside.  Some of these outfits would make good transitional looks between summer and fall as the weather starts to cool off.

For this Remixology I teamed up with Ruche, who sent 4 pieces from their shop, which I paired with 4 pieces I already had in my closet.  It can be easy to get into a rut of styling an item the same way every time.  Years ago in my early blogging days I started the Delightful Dozen, a blogger swap group, and one of the main reasons was to see the different ways other people styled certain pieces.  It was super fun to see how someone else chose to wear an item, and sometimes it totally changed the way I thought about a particular piece!  I already loved remixing, but seeing how other people styled the same item game me so much inspiration for how I could stretch my own wardrobe.

8 clothing items:
white maxi dress + striped top + lace top + sleeveless top + mint floral top / courtesy of ruche
jeans + green dress / courtesy of modcloth :: beige moss dress/courtesy of lace affair

heels/courtesy of blowfish shoes :: sandals/thrifted :: flower crown/handmade
silver bib necklace/free people :: quartz necklace/courtesy of adorn by sarah lewis

Look 1 // A pretty casual, every day outfit, made a tiny bit fancier with some awesome shoes.

Look 2 // I belted this loose top to create a bit of a peplum, and styled it with a funky necklace for a more eclectic look.

Look 3 // Same maxi, but this time it's a bit more romantic, bohemian, and flowy styled with a lace top.
Look 4 // I paired a casual top with a funky dress in the same color story.  An every-day type of outfit with no fuss.

Look 5 // Same printed dress, but this time it's a little bit more bohemian.  The flowy, sheer, kimono-type top and a statement necklace give it more "umph."

Look 6 // A drop waist top creates a different silhouette on this maxi dress and gives it a more relaxed feel.

Look 7 // With a lace top and more dramatic accessories, this dress takes on a bohemian look.

Look 8 // Styled on its own with more understated accessories, this white maxi can stand on it's own just fine.  It feels most sophisticated in this iteration, to me, and I'd definitely wear this to a dinner party or date night!

bottom 7 photos by me, all other photos by Dan