dusty's big adventure // avoderm giveaway

an's parents are in town this week and invited us out to go for a hike this past Sunday.  They recently got a new dog, a Belgian Malinois named Harley, whom they brought on the hike and a friend of theirs was coming with us who was bringing her Pitt Bull, so we were excited for Dusty to have fun with other dogs.  When we first got Dusty we weren't sure about how good of a hiking dog she'd be.  I don't think people usually go for Corgis when they think of outdoorsy dogs, but we really loved Corgis and hoped she'd enjoy hiking and be able to keep up.  Turns out, she's a total adventure dog.  She is dauntless!  I'm constantly impressed by how hardcore she is, such a hardy little gal!  She really is a part of our family now and we couldn't imagine life without her.  I had dogs growing up, but this little girl has a part of my heart that those dogs never did.  I couldn't have imagined a better furry pal.

One thing we hadn't had the opportunity to do with her yet was take her swimming.  The Pitt Bull loved swimming, which was one reason the hike we went on was chosen-- it had a lake at the end! Dusty had played in the surf on the beach before, but never gone all the way in and swam.  It was a pretty shallow lake, so she just waded around for a bit, and then we coaxed her out into the deeper water with sticks and toys and there she went!  A swimmer!  It was a pretty hot day so all of the dogs were ready to lap up the water and dive in to cool off.  Thankfully there was a nice breeze up at the lake, so we all cooled off while the dogs splashed around.


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Miss Dusty snacked on some AvoDerm biscuits on our hike while we snacked on the bounty of huckleberries that lined the trail.  She was pretty tired by the time we got back to the car and napped the whole way home.  For a dog with tiny little legs, she sure can trek!  She kept up with all the other dogs whose legs were at least four times as long as hers.  They all got along wonderfully and it was so cool to see such different dogs all playing nicely together and having fun.

Summer is definitely winding down, I feel the chill in the air during the evenings now, but I'm hoping we get to take Dusty on at least a couple more outdoor adventures before the cold and rain sets in for the winter.  Do you have a pet that is as adventurous as you are?  I think it's so special to get to share adventures with an animal.  I remember Little Bit was also an adventurous little dog.  She used to jump on waverunners and snowmachines and insist on riding with her front paws on the steering wheel and her little nose in the wind.  She'd even get zipped into my Dad's winter coat with her head poking out the top, possibly one of the cutest things ever.  I wish I could find a picture of her all bundled in with my Dad!  What's your favorite adventuresome pet memory?

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