life lately

Wanting to: Get back on the fitness/health train.  I haven't worked out regularly in about 6 months, and the last month or two I've gone climbing maybe twice and haven't even done any yoga.  Honestly, the heat has completely zapped any desire to get my sweat on, and I haven't felt like my body has changed too much, other than feeling like I'm probably a lot weaker than I was in January.  I have a feeling that birth control was causing my body to hold on to weight more easily because I've been pretty lazy since I went off the pill and my body has maintained itself pretty well despite not watching what I eat and not working out.  Once the temperature cools off a bit I want to figure out a workout and healthy eating routine again, but for now I'm enjoying feeling lazy.

Watching: Guardians of the Galaxy.  Seriously so good.  Dan's been waiting months for this movie to come out.  Like, once a week I'd catch him watching the trailer.  I was hoping it would be awesome and it was SO good.  Hilarious, action packed, and really fun.  Dan and I have been reading the Guardians of the Galaxy comics, so it was cool to see the characters come to life on the big screen.  Can't wait for the sequel!

Excited about: redoing our downstairs office.  It's technically Dan's office, but my desktop computer is in there because we have our printer hooked up to it, so I use it when I'm photo editing and doing other work that needs to be done on the desktop.  It's been a hard space to figure out because it's pretty small and until now it's just been haphazardly put together.  The past few days I've been building a standing height desk and brainstorming how the rest of the space can come together to make more sense, and it already looks better!  

Opening: my blog shop again!  I guess it wasn't ever officially closed but the link hasn't been on the blog in a while (it's now in the top nav bar).  I've listed screen prints, weavings, flower crowns, e-courses, and there are some shop-my-closet items available too!

Missing: Lazy mornings with my love.  Dan's new job starts at 7am, which means I usually don't even see him in the mornings anymore.  By the time this night owl crawls out of bed he's already been gone for a couple hours.  Now we're cherishing our weekend mornings together even more because it's the only morning times we have to relax and slowly get ready for the day.  

Dreaming of:  Traveling.  I'd like to take one bigger trip before the end of the year, whether it's a road trip, a flight to Hawai'i, or some other adventure that takes us out of the PNW.  I'd like to get a breath of fresh air in some other part of the globe before the year is over.  Just a change of perspective, something to get out of the doldrums of daily life and see the world with new eyes.

What are you guys up to lately?