spectacle to behold

his outfit it a bit of a throwback.  Two or three years ago I was in the throes of my femme-twee phase, with lots of cute collars and vintage silhouettes.  It was my way of trying to find my personal style, reacting to the decade of jeans and t-shirts prior.  While I've settled back into a style I feel is a bit more casual than those twee-phase days, I still enjoy pulling out a little bit of twee now and again.  Even though I'm denying the fact that summer is waning, I'm already thinking about outfits making the transition to fall and how things can be layered and worn in cooler temps.  I think this dress will do nicely with a cardigan, belted, maybe a scarf, and tights.

Dan and I have been watching Arrow and when he saw me in this outfit he thought that I was channeling Felicity.  I wasn't consciously, but she is probably my favorite character on the show.  I think it might be the combo of the bun, lipstick, and glasses, now I just need a desk full of computers hacking into various government databases to complete the look.


dress/courtesy of modcloth :: shoes/courtesy of seychelles :: bag/courtesy of fossil
lady tie/courtesy of flapper girl :: glasses/courtesy of bonlook