strawberry bourbon julep

ummer seems like it might be starting to wind down, though it pains me to say.  Still, I'm not giving up without a fight, and a fruity cocktail sounds like the perfect way to ignore the impending season change.  I'm a firm believer that we shouldn't start thinking about fall until September at the earliest, and that's over two weeks away, so I'll be over here in summerland until then.

Still, September is still pretty summery in my mind.  I've been wanting to take a little road trip lately and my options are south or east (I still haven't updated my passport to my new married last name, so Canada is off the table), and south seems most interesting to me.  I haven't been down 101 since I drove down in the Winne and, while 101 is gorgeous, some of those twisty roads just aren't ideal in a 20 ft long 1973 Winnebago.  Little roadsters trying to zip along those roads were not my biggest fan.  Ever since I stopped in Mendocino in the Brave I've wanted to go back because the day I spent there it was totally socked in and rainy.  It'd be fun to be able to give it another try with (hopefully) better weather.  We'll see, though.  I feel like I booked myself solid until November, so it might be challenging to get out of town.  I've decided that I'm not booking anything in November, November is going to be my month.  Hopefully there'll be some fun for our third wedding anniversary and family time for Thanksgiving!

4 hulled strawberries
2 tbsp mint leaves
1/4 oz simple syrup
2 oz bourbon
crushed ice
mint sprig

Muddle the strawberries and mint leaves in your glass and add the simple syrup.  Top with the bourbon and crushed ice and garnish with the mint sprig!  Enjoy!