variations on a theme

I always fall in love with brights again in the summer.  I do enjoy the more muted tones, especially because I have a soft spot for more bohemian, natural looks, but for some reason summer just begs for bright, graphic patterns.  Consequently, I've been obliging.  I've also been exploring some of Tacoma's more bright, graphic spots for photo adventures.  One of my friends let me know about this wall and though I've driven past it plenty of times before, I never thought about it when trying to figure out a fun photo spot.  We've got a great organization, Spaceworks Tacoma, which connects vacant walls and storefronts with local artists in order to create public art and this is one of those spaces.   This particular mural is scheduled from April to August, so it'll probably be replaced with something new soon, though I'm pretty fond of this one!  I love seeing people in a community taking spaces that are vacant and/or run-down and empowering creative, entrepreneurial people to come in and let those spaces flourish.  I've seen so many Spaceworks businesses become thriving parts of the community and the color and art they bring with their public art spaces is always inspiring.  

dress (worn as skirt) :: courtesy of evermicrush :: top/courtesy of modcloth
sandals/thrifted :: bag/courtesy of rouge & whimsy :: shades/courtesy of bonlook

Right now I'm covered in scrapes, flecks of varnish, bandaids, and dirt.  Despite enjoying cute outfits and getting "fancified" on the occasion, I think I'll always feel most at home with dirty feet, paint caked on my hands, and messy hair.  I like to clean up, but I feel most powerful when I'm in the throes of making things with my hands.  Growing up I spent so much time in the garage with my dad, learning from him and working on projects together.  Both of our love languages are quality time so we filled our love tanks beneath the hoods of cars and with sawdust at our feet.  It's not surprising I married someone who also loves working on projects.  The past two years working on our house has been so much fun, even if it is hard work at times.  I'll be sad to sell this house whenever that day comes.  It's been so fulfilling to take a run-down house that no one would look twice at and turn it into a beautiful home.