don't stop believin'

eah, teal.  I'd been getting super antsy about my hair color and after doing some test runs in photoshop to decide which color I liked best, I decided to go back to green!  My friend Bailey is kind of to blame, she always has the best hair colors (it's currently a steel grey which. is. awesome.).  If you've been around the blog for a long time, like really long, you might remember Bailey from the fashion shoot I did for my grad school portfolio.  I keep begging her to start a blog because her style is ON POINT.  I kind of want to steal every outfit she posts on Instagram.  Anyway, before she dyed her hair grey it was black-to-green ombre and I sorta fell in love.  Eleanor at Embellish, who did my red, took me green.  Originally I had planned to go from natural red, to "Ariel" red, to purple, to green, but I decided to just skip straight to green.  I kinda like how perfect it is for the halloween season!
I was thinking of being Gamora for Halloween, but after cosplaying Gamora for BurlyCon I realized what a pain in the ass it was to paint yourself green, so I think instead I'll do Wonder Woman.  I got this amazing Wonder Woman onesie from Booty and the Geek at BurlyCon, so I'll probably just make myself a gold headband, put on my black wig and some tall boots and call it good.  Do you have any Halloween costume plans for this weekend?  

top + jeans/courtesy of modcloth :: boots(similar)/thrifted
necklace/handmade :: jacket(similar)/modcloth