who what wear

ou guys, I think I'm going to live in this cardigan this fall and winter.  Since it came in the mail I've worn it almost every day.  I know the celeb mags always talk about what a faux pas it is to wear the same outfit or piece more than once, but in my mind if I want to wear something every day I feel like it makes that item so worth it.  I know I've already worn this once in the past month, but it's definitely going to be on the blog quite a bit more, guaranteed.

I care less about personal style these days than I have in probably the whole time I've been blogging.  It's not that I don't enjoy personal style, but in the past it was much more intentional, mostly because I was in the process of really learning what my own style was, what I liked, what I felt great wearing.  But now I'm to a point where I really feel totally comfortable, whether I'm all gussied up or if I'm just wearing jeans and a tee.  I think that probably makes up for a less interesting style blog, but it definitely makes me feel great to have total confidence in what makes me feel good to wear.


top/thrifted :: jeans/courtesy of modcloth:: cardigan/ruche :: hat/the north face
bag/courtesy of handbag heaven :: boots/courtesy of cat footwear :: photos by Dan

It's so crazy how much blogging has changed since I first started in 2008.  I remember religiously uploading my outfits to Chictopia and Lookbook, but over the years it's become harder to keep up with the networking sites like those.  I was recently contacted by WEAR to check out their new style sharing app and I realized how interesting it is now with mobile platforms and being able to upload photos directly from phones and tablets!  In some ways mobile platforms have made sharing so much easier than it used to be, sharing a quick instagram is so much faster than writing a whole blog post.  I feel like I didn't graduate university all that long ago, but my graphic design classes are already out of date because mobile platforms were only barely starting to become a thing back then!  You guys can find my WEAR profile here, and if you sign up for a profile and start posting your outfits before Oct 31st you'll be entered for a chance to be featured in NYLON Magazine's Wear.jp feature!  Pretty cool eh?  You can check out other people's outfits for inspiration and the app lets you see where to buy the items people are wearing in their posts (oh technology, always making it easier for us to spend money, eh?).  Blogs and style networking sites were a huge part of helping me develop my own personal style back in the early days of the blog, so it's fun to see new communities popping up where people can be inspired to explore new styles.

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