just unplug it and then plug it back in

ne of my favorite tech solutions is, "have you tried unplugging it and plugging it back in again?"  It's the first thing anyone asks when tech problem arises, and it's because a lot of the time... it works.  Sometimes I think we're more like our cyber companions than we'd like to admit, because a lot of our problems or stresses can probably be solved, or at least alleviated, by unplugging for a bit and resetting.  I've got more in common with my wireless router than I thought.  It's been a long time since I got out of Tacoma to warmer climes for pure pleasure reasons, and it's much needed.  I never got any sort of seasonal affective symptoms during the winters in Alaska, despite the short daylight hours, but the Pacific Northwest "winters" hit me much harder than I anticipated when I moved there.  Obviously, my tropical surroundings indicate that we finally have escaped for a relaxing vacation and I'm pretty thrilled.  

On the flight, we sat next to a guy who became our plane BFF, bringing us so many beverages that I was rather tipsy when we disembarked, and exhorting us to get out there and see the world while we are still young and untethered.  I've been feeling quite a bit of wanderlust these days and, despite our travel companion being rather boozily enthusiastic, I feel like he galvanized my desire to see some more places in the coming year.  Travel can feel so prohibitively expensive at times, but I'd rather travel now while things are easier and simpler, than put it off until who knows when.  It will only become more difficult as the years pass and we acquire more and more responsibilities.  


dress/courtesy of isla :: top/courtesy of modcloth :: shoes/courtesy of bc footwear
bra/free people :: necklace/courtesy of joy dravecky jewelry

Anyway, I hope you guys (well at least those with a holiday here in the US) are enjoying a day full of gratitude and reflection.  I love that this holiday is focused on thankfulness.  It's something we don't do enough of, and I'd like to make gratitude more of a habit in my own life.  Being discontent is so easy, but being grateful takes attention and intention.  Unplugging goes hand in hand with gratitude.  In a lot of ways the hustle and bustle of life seems to get in the way of slowing down and taking notice of all the things we should be thankful for.  It's nice to push pause and realign life back to a more healthy mindset.