matchy matchy

've been preoccupied with wanting to get a juicer and start juicing.  I've never done it before, but I love juice.  I know I'm supposed to drink X glasses of water per day, but I just have never been a very good water drinker.  Juice, though?  I can get down with juice.  So, since I'm a juicing newb, I thought I'd see if you guys have any recommendations as far as juicers go.  It seems like there's a huge range, from $50 juicers to $250 ones.  I'd rather get something tried and true rather than take a shot in the dark.  Also: favorite juice recipe resources?  All your juice things are belong to meeee.  But seriously.  Are you a juicing pro?  Gimme your knowledge.  In all honesty I should've gotten a juicer at the beginning of our CSA this summer.  We get boatloads of kale in our share and I wish I could just make ultra healthy juice out of it instead of having to pretend I enjoy eating it.  Okay, okay, I like kale chips and sometimes it's alright in a scramble or a quiche.  Kale and chard are just not my favorite.  Maybe I'm doing it wrong.


dress/courtesy of modcloth :: scarf/ruche :: necklace/handmade
jacket/modcloth :: shoes/courtesy of blowfish shoes

Shortly after I dyed my hair I put this dress on and found that it perfectly matched my new hair!  Some of the green has washed out since then, but I still love how the colors jive.  Black and teal FTW!  I don't know if it's the season or what, but I'm feeling more inspired lately.  I have tons of homemade beauty product recipes I'm dying to try, I'm feeling really motivated to eat more healthily, I've been consistently working out for about a month, and I'm excited about all my photography clients.  Maybe green hair is good for inspiration, eh?  Or maybe the green hair was just evidence of my inspired state of mind.  Either way, I've got some momentum going and it's doing wonders for my mood.