gold in them thar hills

he story of these jeans goes all the way back to my very first year of blogging, actually the first few months!  Back then I didn't really do a lot of outfit posts yet, but I did a lot of sharing style images that really inspired me.  One of the outfits I fell in love with was this one shot from a Nylon magazine spread that I'm sure I found somewhere online of an actress wearing the most perfect outfit featuring gold painted jeans.  I was smitten and desperately wanted a pair, but couldn't find them anywhere, and I'm sure the pair they had in the magazine shoot were designer jeans that were well outside of my college student budget.  I had thoughts of DIYing them, but I never did and sort of forgot about it.  Flash forward SIX years and I'm browsing through ModCloth and lo and behold...  I scroll to the jeans.  Like, these are them you guys, they look exactly the same.  And bonus: they're my absolute favorite brand of jeans, Angry Rabbit!  I have two other jeans by them, both high waisted, which fit like a dream and when I got these I didn't even realize they were Angry Rabbit until I looked at the label.  Gold jeans can't be practical right?  Wrong.  I've worn these jeans probably 4 times since getting them, and they're actually so perfect for holiday parties right now.  They feel sexy and festive, but still a bit casual and definitely rock and roll.  


jeans/courtesy of modcloth :: top (similar)/cosette
jacket (similar)/modcloth :: shoes/thrifted :: photos of me by Dan
It's funny how my style has sort of come full circle.  I look at that post where I shared the image from Nylon and I love the vibe of all the images.  I think some people see finding personal style as an end goal, but I think the whole process is what's cool.   How all your influences, past and present, shape how you want to dress.  It's funny thinking back to 8th grade me, who really wanted blue hair, but didn't want to have to bleach her hair to achieve it.  By 9th grade my high school had changed the dress code so no "unnatural" hair colors were allowed and I gave up on my blue hair dreams, but here I am now, at 28, rocking some blue(ish) hair!  Sometimes we feel like totally different people compared to our younger selves, but sometimes it's bizarre how much we stay the same.  And speaking of staying the same, look who has two thumbs and cut bangs again!  This girl.