the molinaro family // university place family photographer

t's been funny living in the Tacoma area because there are quite a few friends from college who are from this area and have subsequently moved back after graduating.  Dan and I learned that Jeremy and Lauren had moved to Tacoma recently so it was a really fun session getting to catch up and learn what they were up to nowadays.  We weren't super good friends in college, Jeremy and I were in the same dorm freshman year, but it was a small school, so you were pretty familiar with everyone.  It was fun seeing these two as parents, and little Charlotte was a hoot!

When we had their Session Debut at their house, both Lauren and Jeremy's parents came over to see the images we made at their session and it was really fun!  I bring a tasty locally made dessert to all my Session Debuts, and Lauren's mom brought some champagne, so it really felt like a little Christmas celebration!  It's so fun to have parents at a family session debut, you can just see the pride in their eyes looking at their kids all grown up and becoming parents themselves.  Both parents ended up getting some prints too, which I loved!