ace up my sleeve

his past week I got to spend time up in Anchorage, which was such a great way to start off the year.  I shot a wedding on the 2nd, saw an Aces game on the 3rd, did a styled bridal shoot on the 4th, had a mini family Christmas on the 5th, and headed back to Tacoma on the 6th.  These photos are actually from our time in Palm Springs over Christmas, not to be confused, Anchorage Alaska certainly does not look like this in January.  For both the wedding and styled shoot we were working outside at temperatures around 8º F.  Brisk, to say the least!  I love traveling, but it is nice to be home for the next couple months with no travel, especially with Whole30.  Eating while traveling makes it much more difficult to find Whole30 compliant meals, so it'll be great to spend the month at home cooking for myself.  After 8 flights in 6 weeks, some stability will be nice, and a great way to get grounded for the coming year.  

In recent years I've chosen a word that I hold on to throughout the year, last year's was honest/genuine and it helped me let go of a lot of things that were holding me back, things that no longer served me.  I let go of goals that I had been holding on to just because I had them as goals in the past, but realized I didn't really want those things anymore (or that I wanted other things more).  This year, my word is Build.  I let go of a lot of stuff in the last year, which means that in some ways I'm starting afresh at the bottom.  2015 is a year for building.  I like that it's a word of action.  It gives me purpose and drive, and I need that this year.

Do you pick a word for the year?  If so, what word are you picking for 2015 and why?

jacket/modcloth :: dress/courtesy of lulu's :: necklace/francesca's
belt/thrifted :: top/courtesy of modcloth :: photos by Dan