death before decaf

his shirt is kind of ironic because I actually drink decaf relatively frequently.  I only work closing shifts at the coffee shop where I barista and so in order to not stay wired until 4am I end up drinking decaf americanos instead of regular coffee.  As a barista in the PNW, though, I felt like the shirt was pretty appropriate and funny.  We are pretty serious about our coffee up here in the upperleft, USA. 

I grabbed these shots right after checking out a potential studio space in Downtown Tacoma.  I've been looking off and on again for studio space for the last few months, and while I think at the moment it might be too big of an expense to justify, I'm super excited to start the search for the perfect space.  These next few months are going to be crazy busy, so I might hold off on seriously looking until summer, but I know I'll still be craigslisting like a crazy person in the meantime.  In a lot of ways this search for a studio feels like my search for the Brave 5 years ago (holy moly I can't believe that was 5 years ago already).  That was definitely the start of a big journey for me personally, and the decision to go full on with photography was another big move that I'm super excited about.  The Brave feels like it will always be my talisman, regardless of whether or not the actual vehicle stays in my possession or not.  A 1973 Winnebago is my life's amulet.  A reminder to be brave and hunt goals with passion, even when people think I'm crazy.  

shirt + blazer(similar)/courtesy of modcloth :: jeans/courtesy of for elyse
boots/thrifted :: bag/courtesy of rouge & whimsy