va-va-voom valentine

 originally got this dress for our 3rd anniversary date, but I ended up having to go out of town that weekend and we postponed our anniversary date.  Then the holidays happened and we traveled a bunch and then January happened and we did Whole30 and going out to eat or drink was pretty much off the table.  And so... all of a sudden this dress turned into a Valentine's day date dress!  It actually ended up being a perfect red Valentine's dress!  I'd had my eye on this dress for quite a while, actually.  I always adored the classic pinup vibe and the stretchy fabric looked super comfortable.  Feeling comfortable and sexy at the same time?  Holy grail, I say.  This dress comes in a bunch of different colors and fabrics (velvet, ooh la la!).

For everyone who is confused about what my real hair color is right now, it's still green and black.  My hairstory post was referencing the change I made from my natural dark brown to red last January, and I'll be sharing more about the transition from red to my current green.  I posted an instagram with a red wig (which I got so I wouldn't get the itch to dye my hair red again), and now this post also features a wig.  I guess I'm too antsy to stay with one color for too long, which is why wigs are so awesome!  All of the variety and none of the time and money spent in a salon!  I don't consider myself a wig pro, but a lot of people have been asking for tips on wigs, buying them, wearing them, etc, so I'm thinking of putting together a little post (or vlog?!?) about it.  Do you guys have any specific questions you want to ask re: wigs?

dress/courtesy of modcloth :: shoes/thrifted :: necklace/handmade :: coat/lulu e. bebe