get back on your feet

o, you know you're spread a little thin when you find out, 30 minutes into work, that your shift is going to be 3 hours longer than you anticipated because you mis-read the schedule, and you had planned on using those 3 hours to catch up on a bunch of stuff you need to do.  Crying in the back room and *subtly* wiping away tears while sweeping up crumbs around the cafe wasn't what I'd had planned for yesterday.  Being spread too thin is no fun, and hopefully this week I can try to get my ducks in their rows (or at least some semblance of order) so I'm not so overcommitted.  I feel like overcommitment sneaks up on you slowly.  I mean, I'm not surprised that I'm spread thin, I'm well aware that I have way too many irons in the fire, but I was surprised at how a little thing like being at work 3 more hours totally unraveled me.  Luckily I work at a coffee shop, so I basically just mainlined some drip and got over it.
The best thing was, I ended up having enough time after work to get the stuff done that I needed to do (costuming and choreo work for my Adventures in Oz act next month), and rehearsal last night was amazing.  I missed last week's rehearsal because I was in Texas for TxSC Camp and last night I got to see everyone's acts as we ran through the show from start to finish for the first time this year.  Everything is finally coming together, and I even felt pretty damn confident about my own act, which took a lot of stress and worry away and replaced it with excitement!  I still have way too much on my plate for the time being (next thing to freak out about: Taxes!), but feeling like my burlesque act is under my belt is a huge relief.  If any of you guys are local to the Seattle area and want to come to the show, it's going to be SO much fun.  Tickets are now on sale, and last year it sold out, so I'd get your tickets sooner than later!  If you can't make the Tacoma showing on April 18th, we're also doing the show again the next weekend, April 25th, in Olympia!  Tickets are on sale for that show as well! 


top/courtesy of volume 25 :: blazer (similar)+ shorts/courtesy of modcloth
shoes/courtesy of blowfish shoes :: necklace/gift