pajamas in public

re teenagers still wearing pajama pants out in public?  I remember when I was in high school a trend emerged where girls would go out to the store and such in their pajama pants.  I was a pretty super casual gal in high school, but even I thought that was an odd trend.  I suppose the leggings thing nowadays is similar, but at least leggings can be styled to look cute.  I've never worn pajama pants in public, but I have worn things that feel like PJs in public.  Sneaky PJs.  This dress is one such item.  The shift cut and super soft fabric seriously make it feel like I'm wearing jammies, but I don't really feel like it looks like jammies.  Unless you want to go out with your hair in curlers and bunny slippers, then it might look like PJs.  What, no one wears curlers anymore?  Well you should because they are an awesome way to get bomb curls.  I feel like our generation got lazy and impatient with hair styles.  Curling irons can get curls, but they tend to fall out pretty quickly, especially on some hair types.  But putting your hair in curlers?  Much beefier curls.  I see so many of my brides get their hair done professionally and they get their hair curled with a curling iron.  By the time they get to the ceremony the curls are already limp.  I realize we're busy gals these days and probably don't have time for hair styles using curlers and perm rods, but I think our generation has also forgotten a lot of hair knowledge that previous generations had.  But thank god for Youtube tutorials, amirite?  I've learned so many cool tricks from Youtube, including lots of perm rod styles that are so amazing!  Okay I've totally digressed.   Don't wear PJ's to the store.  Unless they don't look like PJs.  Like this dress.  Or wear PJs to the store, I actually don't care.  You do you.


dress/courtesy of modcloth :: boots(similar)/thrifted 
jacket(similar)/modcloth :: hat/the north face
necklaces/courtesy of jewelmint