remixology no. 5

've been wanting to do a new remixology post for a while now, and with my new site launching next week I was inspired to create 8 outfits based on my new color scheme!  In thinking about my new design I wanted something that felt really comfortable and something I knew I wouldn't get tired of.  I realized that the colors I've picked for my home were the perfect inspiration!  I've loved creating my living space to feel inspiring, bright, and fun, and it just made sense to reflect that in my online home as well.  If you get my special updates in your inbox you'll be getting some peeks of the new look this week (plus access to a super secret launch before anyone else!).  My calendar this next two weeks looks like absolute madness, but I'm so excited about everything! Oh!  And speaking of new stuff, I'm retiring my e-courses  so they'll be taken down tomorrow, so if you want any of them today's the last day!

Okay, moving on to outfits!  Remixology posts are always a really fun challenge.  For those not familiar with my remixology series, I take 8 pieces and remix them into 8 outfits.  This time I've partnered with Lulu's who sponsored 4 items, and then I pulled 4 items already in my closet (plus a few accessories).  I'm really loving graphic looks more and more these days and had a lot of fun playing around with patterns and graphic designs in this set of outfits.  Black and white prints are kind of my jam right now.  

8 clothing items:
B+W skirt + dress + grey peplum top + white jeans / courtesy of Lulu's

black jacket(similar) + chartreuse top/thrifted
shorts(similar) + striped top(similar)/courtesy of Modcloth

black shoes(similar)/thrifted :: orange + teal shoes/courtesy of Modcloth :: tights/H&M
necklaces/Francesca's collection


B+W skirt/courtesy of Lulu's :: black jacket(similar)
 striped top(similar) + shoes/courtesy of Modcloth :: necklace/francesca's collection


 white jeans /courtesy of Lulu's :: black jacket(similar) + top + shoes/thrifted
necklace/francesca's collection


 dress / courtesy of Lulu's :: shoes/courtesy of modcloth
necklace/francesca's collection


B+W skirt/courtesy of Lulu's :: top/thrifted
 shoes/courtesy of Modcloth :: necklace/francesca's collection

grey peplum top / courtesy of Lulu's :: shoes/thrifted 
tights/h&m :: necklace/francesca's collection :: shorts(similar)/courtesy of Modcloth


 dress / courtesy of Lulu's :: black jacket(similar) + top + shoes/thrifted
necklace/francesca's collection


B+W skirt + grey peplum top/ courtesy of Lulu's :: shoes/thrifted
necklace/courtesy of francesca's collection

white jeans / courtesy of Lulu's :: striped top(similar)/courtesy of Modcloth
necklace/francesca's collection :: shoes/thrifted