#FLASHBACKFRIDAY // red velvet if you please

his is probably an outfit I'd still wear, if I had that skirt still.  I've had the t-shirt since high school, it was something I grabbed from the little boy's section of Walmart, go figure.  And of course, my trusty Minnetonkas.  This outfit is from my visit to Elsie and Emma's Red Velvet vintage and cupcake shop in Springfield, MO when I was on my Brave trip.  It's crazy to think that it was 5 years ago when I rolled through town and parked my Winne down the street from Red Velvet and visited those ladies.  

Red Velvet If You Please // November 11, 2010

Yesterday I got to go to Red Velvet in Springfield, MO and hang out with Elsie and her sister Emma for the day! After seeing her posts on the shop grand opening, I thought to myself, "I wonder where she's located and if I can go visit!" Turns out, she wasn't that far away at all (I was in Arizona at the time), so I booked it across NM, TX, and OK to get to Red Velvet. It was worth the long days of driving, and I had the best time hanging out at the shop, seeing a bit of Springfield, getting smoothies with Elsie and pizza with Emma, and trying on adorable vintage dresses.

cardigan & tights/target :: top/walmart :: shoes/minnetonka
skirt/courtesy of Vintage Strings

Emma sent me home with some of her delicious cupcakes and I can't wait to have cupcakes for breakfast! Speaking of breakfast, I went to IHOP yesterday for breakfast, which is the first time I've eaten out on my own on this trip (not counting fast food, though I haven't really done that much either). Something about yesterday morning just made me want some major breakfast food, and to not have to make it myself. Also, I kind of slept in and check out at the campground was at 11 am. Not that I couldn't have still cooked myself breakfast, but something about IHOP was calling my name, and it doesn't often do that. Oh my goodness, I thought I was going to explode. Best/worst decision ever. So delicious. IHOP always makes me think of this bit by Jim Gaffigan. "I've never left there feeling like hopping... It should be called, 'IBarelyMove'" SO accurate.

In which Little Bit does not want to pose for photos. She was having the best time sniffing new smells, making friends with customers and wandering around Red Velvet all day. Consequently she was totally uninterested in doing anything I desired her to do.

Go check out Elsie's blog to see pictures of the Brave looking terribly cute sitting down the street from Red Velvet!

outfit shots by elsie!