PHOTOBOMB! become your own pro photographer!

photography ecourse, photography ebook

ver my 6 years of blogging, I've learned the ins and outs of great blog photography.  Some of my most frequently asked questions have to to with photography, outfit photos, photo gear, and more, so I figured it was high time to finally put together an all encompassing guide covering everything from DSLR basics, to the ins and outs of food photography, shooting your own outfits, and more.  I had originally started this guide out as an e-course, but I wanted to make something easy to download and keep with you without having to get online and log on, so with this guide, once you purchase, you automatically get the link to download the guide right in your inbox! 

I wanted to focus this guide on photography for bloggers, since that's who I most often receive photography questions from, but it's really a lifestyle photography guide for anyone looking to learn more about your DSLR, how to manipulate your settings, tips for finding great light, and shooting various subject matter with ease.  

This guide isn't going to make you a pro overnight.  Like anything, photography is a skill that is honed over time with practice.  Sure some people have a natural talent, but everyone has to learn how to use the camera, figure out how to change settings to achieve the right exposure, and develop their personal photography style and skill as they practice, natural talent or none.  It might take a year of practice to feel confident, or maybe just a month or two, but, as they say, that time is going to pass anyway, so you might as well be honing your craft, right?  In my guide I include photography assignments and prompts after every section to help you keep shooting and practicing on the daily, because you can read as many photography guides as you can, but if you aren't actually practicing on a regular basis, you're not going to see much improvement!  Having a blog and shooting every single day for it was what helped me grow as a photographer more than anything else!

PHOTOBOMB! includes 90+ pages covering:

  • How to get started using your DSLR on Manual Mode
  • Create phone and instagram photos that POP!
  • Learn how to take self portraits so awesome people will ask you "Who is your photographer?!"
  • Find poses which flatter your body, and take your own headshots for social media accounts and more!
  • Take your recipe posts to the next level with scrumptious food photography and styling.
  • Learn the ins and outs of photographing your home and interior decor
  • Capture your life in an engaging way with inspiring lifestyle photography
  • Take your readers with you to your fun events by photographing events like a pro.

...and tons of photography prompts to help you keep shooting, learning, and honing your craft!

photography ecourse, photography ebook
photography ecourse, photography ebook
photography ecourse, photography ebook
For people looking for more targeted help, I've also split the guide up and have a couple sections from the guide offered separately: Self Portrait Photography, Food Photography, and Intro to your DSLR are all offered on their own for those who are interested in just those specific topics.
I know there are lots of bloggers out there who wish for a pro photographer bff/boyfriend/mom (sometimes even I fall into this category, haha!), but instead of wishing for your magical photographer fairy godmother to drop into your life, you could spend that time working to become your own pro photographer.  Being my own photographer for my blog has been super empowering.  I don't feel like I'm depending on someone else to be able to do shoots for my posts, I don't have to explain my vision to someone else, I don't have to feel bad for wasting someone's time when I want to take forever to get just the right shot, and as an unexpected bonus, I'm actually working as a professional photographer shooting for other people now!   Being your own pro photographer can be frustrating sometimes, but the benefits have far outweighed any frustration I've experienced!
Kick the self doubt to the curb.  You can take amazing photos for your life, family, and blog.  It'll take a little time and a lot of practice, but you can do it!
Head over to the shop and get the guide now!  I've extended my discount code, so you now have till April 10th to get 10% off using the code "NewDT" at checkout!  I've got a special hashtag in there so you can share your progress and the photos from your assignments, so I can't wait to see you guys start getting to work, learning and growing!
If you have any questions you can email me, or leave a comment on this post and I'll reply!  

photography ecourse, photography ebook
photography ecourse, photography ebook
photography ecourse, photography ebook