the brave show ep.1 / meet the new brave!

ne thing that I've heard over and over again in regards to starting something new is to start before you're ready.  As a perfectionist, that's hard because I could spend forever tweaking details and fixing things to get it just right, but what that means is that I never end up actually launching the new thing, it just sits in draft status hiding away, imperfect and unfinished.  So, today I'm starting before I'm ready.  Done is better than perfect, right?  It's not perfect but here it is!  I filmed the first episode of The Brave Show!

Oh, right, and other big news: I bought a new (old) Brave!  Ahh!  Yes I am a crazy person.  I'll tell you more about the new gal in the show and give you a tour as well!

It's so bizarre to think about how it's almost 5 years exactly since I found my first Brave.  There's some sort of kismet in my life with Braves and I feel like it's a sign that when I'm doing things with the Brave, I'm on the right track.  Things just come together in a really perfect way that kind of freaks me out sometimes.  My friend Kristi calls me an automotive empath, which she claims is a real thing, so I'm just going to go with it.  What I do know?  I feel most alive when I'm behind the wheel of a Brave, chasing adventure and listening to the knowledge the road gives.

It ain't perfect, but it's done!  Here goes nothing!