just my type

arch was cray, and I feel like I'm just now getting back to being on top of things.  It only took the entire month of April.  Well, I suppose with my burlesque show taking over my life for most of April didn't help either, but here we are, May, and I'm feelin' ya.  May has always been one of my most favorite months.  I always think about the final days of school when it was finally getting slightly warm outside and we'd eat our lunches in the parking lot and watch cute boys skateboard.  I was always into those skinny-ass skateboarder dudes, I'll tell ya.  Give me a pale, skinny dude with tattoos and a skateboard, I'm putty in your hands.  Fact: Dan (and 90% of the guys I dated) skateboarded, it's a legit type, okay?  Anyone else out there?  Of course, I'm pretty sure that if I got on a skateboard I'd crack open my skull.  I tried it for a bit when I dated a guy who was a legit skateboarder featured on skate vids and such, and the most I could do was a sad sad barely ollie... on carpet.  I'm all set with all my bones intact and minimal skin contact with concrete.  I'll walk down that 10-stair, thanks.

Oh right, May.  Anyway, May is inextricably linked to that end of school excitement and summer's inevitable arrival, which makes it an exciting month even though I am not in school and summer actually means I'll be way busier than I am during the "school year" months.  But the sun is out later, and barbecues and biking and bonfires abound!  Dan has been working on our yard which was left half-finished from last summer and I'm really excited to finally have it finished and looking nice, rather than overgrown and strewn with debris.  Hopefully I'll have time to plant some veggies in the next couple weeks before it gets too late!  I'm behind on my gardening game!  Let's do this, May.

dress/cariloha :: boots/courtesy of seychelles :: hat(similar)/thrifted
jacket(similar)/modcloth :: necklaces/handmade + courtesy of tribe jewelry
photos by liz morrow studios