spring cleaning

othing super fancy today, just a simple, comfy spring outfit.  I haven't found myself gravitating towards the floral/pastel look that is usually so ubiquitous this time of year.  I am feeling that spring cleaning bug though.  I've already dug a ton of clothes out of my closet to take to my local clothing exchange boutique, sold some furniture, rearranged our bedroom, and have been organizing like a crazy person.  I've still got a lot to do, I feel like the winter months are spend holing up and hibernating and everything just starts piling up and accumulating in corners and on shelves.  Once the sun starts coming out consistently, and the doors and windows are open and fresh air is circulating throughout the house, I get a rush of energy to clear out all the clutter and simplify.  My office is a huge project that I'm looking forward to finishing.  Dan and I swapped offices a few months ago, I used to have the "attic" space upstairs, and Dan was downstairs off the living room (through the yellow french door).   Now I'm downstairs and Dan is up, which is actually working out perfectly.  He set up a little Xbox station and it's got a real man cave vibe now, and I'm prepping to paint the downstairs office a fresh white, it's one of the only rooms left in the house with the original beige paint it had when we bought.  Good riddance, beige!


top/courtesy of wildlife works :: necklaces/handmade + courtesy of tribe jewelry
 jeans/courtesy of modcloth  :: boots/courtesy of Cat Footwear & AMP3 PR