the perfect day

ave you ever had one of those perfect days?  Where you're just beaming with happiness and feel entirely content?  Saturday was one of those days for me.  The weather was incredible, I started the day with an invigorating workout with a bunch of fun people, went home and weeded the entire garden to prep for planting new veggies, took Dusty to the farmer's market and bought veggie starters, got a little group of colorful cacti as a surprise gift for a friend, worked on my to-do list, ate taco truck tacos and mandarin Jarritos for lunch, blogged, took photos, planted flowers, watched Grey's and CSI, ate chocolate covered strawberries... I mean, it was kind of disgusting it was so perfect.  I'm grossed out just describing it.  I feel like it's important to celebrate the great days, though.  It can be so easy to just wallow in the stuff that sucks, or to live in a constant state of overwhelm, or just the feeling that you're not enough, not getting enough done, not making enough money.  For one day it felt amazing to not only feel the pleasure of amazing weather, lovely company, and yummy bites, but also feel productive and enough.   It's also important to enjoy those moments of perfection, because inevitably the streak of awesome will end.  While that day was amazing, it also ended with me not getting to sleep until 5am because Dan ended up with some crazy food poisoning.  So it goes!  Ebbs and flows.  Such is life.


dress(similar)/courtesy of modcloth :: sandals(similar)/thrifted
necklaces/courtesy of tribe jewelry + joy dravecky jewelry
flower crown/handmade :: photos by liz morrow studios