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t's been so exciting watching my friend Moorea kick ass this year.  Not only is her shop constantly full of drool-worthy pretty things, she's publishing not one, but two books!  Damn girl.  So thankful to blogging for bringing us two Pacific Northwest gals together.  Her first book, The 52 Lists Project, comes out in September, but she's currently got it up for pre-sale on her shop, so if you want to be one of the first to get your hands on it, head over and preorder it.  And even better?  The first 100 preorders get a signed copy!  Get your signed copy now before Moorea dethrones Oprah because girl is killing it.
I've been simplifying a lot (like... a LOT), and have been starting to make the move from house to Brave, which is a lot more overwhelming than I anticipated.  Anyway, small, simple details are important to me for Brave living.  I love the dip-dyed macrame wall hanging and can envision it fitting perfectly on one of the few walls in the Brave.  
While my size 4 fingers are too small for traditional mass-market rings, the midi ring trend has become my new favorite thing.  I'm in love with these little gold and turquoise rings, and since some of the collection are size 4, I know at least a couple would fit me!  The rest would just have to become gifts for friends because none of my fingers will fit a 7.  #babyhandproblems
I'm not a piercing person, I don't even have my ears pierced (with my hair you'd never see earrings anyway...).  But I do love a cute nose ring!  When I saw this faux nose ring nose clip in Moorea's shop I immediately bought it.  It's so much fun to be able to have a pretty little nose ring on days when I'm feeling extra wild.  And a rad pair of aviators tops off the look perfectly.  
I love that Moorea still has these glass diamond terrariums in her shop.  Two years ago when she opened her online store and did her first product shoot at my house, she brought them over and I had just bought one from the maker on etsy shortly before!  I knew I was going to love everything in her shop because everything she brought for the shoot I wanted to steal and keep.  Luckily I'd already bought this little guy, and I love that she still offers them!