halloween queen

How was your Halloween weekend?  Talk about a crazy day to have Halloween, not only was it on a Saturday, but it was also Daylight Saving night, which meant the partying lasted an extra hour!  I had the most fun Halloween I can remember in recent years.  My burlesque troupe, the Gritty City Sirens, put on a Halloween show and it was so much fun.  We had an awesome bluegrass band open for us, then all us girls did our halloween inspired acts, and we finished the night with another band for people to dance the night away!  I was blown away by how many people came and celebrated the night with us, it was such a blast!  If you follow on facebook you probably saw a peek at my costume, I was a Black Widow Queen so I got super spidery and creepy.  Dan was a wizard.  Dusty didn't get a costume this year, though I almost bought her a cape.

Now that the Halloween show is over I can finally focus on some other fun stuff!  I have some big news coming this week for both Wildbride and Liz Morrow Studios, so stay tuned for that!  And of course, I'm now costuming and choreographing my Christmas burlesque act, so the sparkle train doesn't stop!


all items old except shabby apple dress + moorea seal shades | photos by Liz Morrow Studios