pumpkin beer and cheese tasting party

Halloween, I think because we're not yet in the parent demographic, doesn't mean tons of fun size candies and other sweet halloween treats.  For us, Halloween season (and fall in general) means the beginning of all the breweries releasing their pumpkin beers!  It seems like every brewery has a seasonal pumpkin beer on in their wheelhouse and no two pumpkin beers are the same.  Instead of having a sweets laden halloween party I thought it'd be fun to have a pumpkin beer tasting party instead!  

I picked up a bunch of different pumpkin beers (and I threw in my all time favorite ginger cider from Schilling for good measure), laid out a cheese platter for people to snack on between beer tastings, and everyone sipped on beers!  Whether or not you want to get really into picking apart the tasting notes of the beers is up to you, we found that by the end, the actual tasting notes started to devolve, but it was still a really fun time!

Beers we tasted:

Uinta Punk'n / Dogfish Head Punkin Ale / Elysian Night Owl / Rogue Pumpkin Patch Ale /

21st Amendment He Said / New Belgium Pumpkick / Southern Tier Pumking

(and Schilling's Ginger Cider)





Blarney Castle




Dubliner Soft Cheese Spread

tasted on Rustic Rosemary Loaf