Southwest Inspired Baby Shower

Southwest Inspired Baby Shower

Last Saturday we had my baby shower, and despite the Alaskan winter knocking on our door, I decided to go for a southwest inspired theme for the party!  Which basically meant I could buy more cacti without feeling bad about it.  Pretty much everything was DIY, except for the macarons (which I've made before, but was in no mood to bake a fussy dessert.  These ones from Sweet Caribou here in Anchorage were to die for).

My mom baked the cake and made the frosting and I frosted it and decorated it.  It was an apple spice cake and super yummy!  I'll make sure to grab the recipe from her and share it here soon!  The pumpkin cupcakes and maple frosting is from a recipe I posted on the blog a few years ago. 

One of my favorite little DIY details was the "Happy Pushing" sign.  Originally it was going to be a cake topper, but ended up being too wide for my skinny little cake, so I popped it into two baby cactus pots and it just hung out on the table.  It was a fun and simple DIY, so I'll be posting the tutorial soon!

I wore basically the same outfit as my last outfit post (just trading out the hat for a succulent flower crown to go with the southwest theme), so all outfit details/links will be on that post!

After looking up baby shower activities and grimacing at how many corny, weird baby shower games were out there, we opted for keeping things simple.  One of the only 'programmed' activities was a birth/labor affirmation prayer flag.  Everyone who came wrote a short encouragement or affirmation for me to focus on during labor, which I'll be transferring to some home-made "prayer flags" (basically just little square bunting flags) that I can take to the hospital when I'm in labor to meditate on and gain encouragement and strength from.  

With only 7 weeks left to go (give or take some days/weeks depending on when this human decides to make an entrance), things are getting weirdly real!