Kitchen Reno Inspiration

minimalist bohemian kitchen.jpg

If you follow over on Pinterest, you've probably noticed an uptick in decor-related pins.  Moving into a new space always coincides with a search for new inspiration.  I loved our house, but I also had rearranged and decorated it so many different ways already, it will be refreshing (and a fun new challenge) to re-do a whole new space.

The biggest room I'm looking forward to freshening up is our new kitchen.  It has new wood laminate flooring, but the rest of the kitchen is sorely in need of an update.  Old, dated oak cabinets, off-white formica counters, and an ivory fridge that was probably born in the 80's.  It's nice and perfectly functional, but with a few updates I feel like the kitchen could be amazing.  We've got an open layout, so the living area and kitchen are all essentially one big space, so updating the kitchen will make a huge impact on the feel of the space.  

Overall I feel like it's got a nice layout and plenty of space.  My vision is white cabinets (I'd love to remove some of the uppers and replace with open shelving, but logistically I don't think that's do-able), maybe a new countertop (I love a wood butcher block counter, but also maybe something like a light white/grey marble look?), white walls with white subway tile backsplash, cover the fridge in some cool removeable wallpaper, and possibly give the island a colorful base (I'm loving the yellow island in my inspiration below!).  There's also some dead space next to the fridge which I'd love to utilize as either pantry open shelving, or maybe a place for organizing/admin stuff: a little desk, a calendar, cubbies for mail, etc. 

I've also learned that plants can completely transform the feel of a space, so I'd love to add lots of greenery, though definitely something low-light friendly and hardy to make it through the dark Alaskan winters!

Check out some of my favorite inspiration images below, or if you need more inspiration, head over to my Pinterest!