DIY Marble Chic Fridge Makeover

If you guys know me, you know I can't just have a regular fridge.  In my last three places I've re-covered my fridge with contact paper, and even the Winnie(s) got a chalkboard fridge!  Refrigerators can be ultra boring, especially if you're in a rental.  And if you're renting, it's not like you can paint it or replace it, so you're stuck with it.  Not so!  Ladies and gentlemen, contact paper is your fridge's best friend.  

I've used chalkboard contact paper, woodgrain contact paper, and marble contact paper to cover fridges and I like all three (though I will say the seam on the chalkboard contact paper is more obvious than the other two, just because it's black and the white chalk makes a little line where the two edges of contact paper meet).

What you'll need:
Marble Contact Paper
Gold Metallic tape (I used this stuff)
X-acto knife (optional
Tape Measure

First thing you need to do is remove the fridge door handles, which is very easy.  There's usually just a screw on top the door and either on the bottom of the door, or on the bottom front of the door.  Unscrew both screws and the handle pops right off.  You can screw the handle back on after applying your contact paper, but I liked how clean it looked without the handle and it's perfectly easy to open without a handle. 

Applying the contact paper to the fridge is pretty straightforward.  I did two vertical pieces of contact paper on the front (one full width, and then one to fill the remaining space), and then the sides also took two vertical pieces, again, one full width and then a smaller strip to complete the side.  

Measure how much you need for each piece as you go, cut the piece and then pull a few inches of the backing off to start applying.  Make sure your measurements include enough to wrap around the edges of the doors.  Apply it to the front of the door, leaving the edges loose to wrap once you've got the front stuck on.  Pull the backing off and smooth the sticky side to the fridge in increments so you don't get air bubbles.  Once the front is stuck on, go around the edges and stick them down.  You'll need to cut a little slice out of the the corner so it lays flat.

Continue that process around the whole fridge till it's all covered!

If you want to put the gold border around the front of the doors, measure how far you want the tape from the edges of the door (I measured 1.5 inches) and put pencil marks at that measurement to give you a guideline for where the edge of the tape will go.  Once you've got all your tape placement measured out, you can start sticking the tape on!

Cut a slight diagonal on the end of the tape and put the point right on the corner where you measurement marks are.  Stick it down making sure it lines up with the other measurement marks. When you get to the end, cut it at a diagonal again so the point is in the corner.  Repeat that process until you've got all your lines done!  Now revel in the awesomeness of your swanky new fridge!  And for only about 12 bucks!