A little home update

Easy Gallery Wall

We've been here for... 3 weeks?  Dang, time flies!  I've been plugging away on house projects which has helped this place start feeling more and more like home.  One huge thing that makes a place feel homey is getting art on the wall.  I have a ton of art, some of it my own from my printmaking days in college, and most of it by other rad artists and printmakers.  My favorite thing is that quite a bit of the artwork I've accumulated has been by local artists.  I love supporting local artists and makers when I can, and it's really awesome now to have art on my walls that reminds me of Tacoma because it was made by Tacoma artists.

sources for above artwork/pieces: 
Chalkboard key hook : Urban Outfitters | Cadillac Print : mine | Block Party Print : Year Round Co.
Camera Print : Christine Berrie | Redhead print : mine | Wintergrass print : Beautiful Angle
Bright Side print : A Vintage Poster

A big project I wanted to get done was our standing desk area.  We don't have a room in this apartment that could really work as an office, but this corner of the entry/living room was a dead space that I felt would work perfectly as an office space with a standing desk.  I originally had a regular desk in this corner, but it felt too big and in the way, the standing desk not only is much lower profile (it's only 18 inches deep), but since it's custom built I could make an L-shaped desk that gave us twice as much desk space, plus kept the baseboard heater uncovered (which will be ideal come winter).  Another bonus?  It's just 10 screws into the wall, so if it ever needs to be removed, the clean-up is super minimal and it's back to being the boring old corner it was before.  It's built using the same ideas as the standing desk in my old office, but with a few updates, like copper legs!  I plan on sharing a DIY soon! Now: figuring out what to do with those blank walls behind the computers and wrangling all the cords under the desk.

Another big change is our chalkboard wall!  It hasn't finished curing yet so I haven't covered it with chalk yet, which is why it looks decidedly more BLACK than our past chalkboard walls.  I'll be covering it with chalk this week, though, so it'll look a lot more textured and light after that.  Still, I couldn't resist getting all the art on the wall.  Even so, I love how crisp that wall looks compared to what it was before (it used to have a sponge painted texture of different shades of taupe).  I was a little worried it could make the space too dark, but I really like it and once the kitchen gets brightened up with white paint and cabinets, I think it'll look a lot less dark in the space as a whole.  Plus, since our space has a super open layout, the dark wall is totally fine.

Chalkboard wall art sources: metal gem hangings : c/o Modcloth
We're Waiting Here print : Beautiful Angle | Tacoma Artwalk + A Lemon and a Lime prints : Year Round Co.  | Cactus print : Odd Daughter Paper Co. c/o Moorea Seal
The World is Your Oyster Print : Rifle Paper Co. c/o Moorea Seal

Lastly, here's just a tiny peek at our bedroom.  This room will probably end up being last to get finished, but I'm really happy with our bed situation. We put the bed in the middle of the room and created a faux "wall" with the hanging flag to create a walk-in closet (and to hide the open closet).  Any way, this room is pretty low on my priority list but I'm happy with this little spot!
(Flag + quilt via Urban Outfitters, Pillowcases are vintage).