What I Wore: Anniversary Outing

Today I wore a similar outfit to this one and it reminded me that I never posted these quick snaps from our anniversary outing in Portland!  We had a great time in Portland, eating and exploring.  In the morning we sought out brunch, which is easy in Portland, and we ended up at The Hazel Room, which is delicious (and also served us the largest glasses of champagne we've ever had).  Alter, which is the wonderfully witchy shop next door was a great spot to browse as we waited for our table (but also a little painful because I wanted ev.ery.thing.) 

After brunch, we hopped next door to House of Vintage which was super incredible.  I found the most amazing hand embroidered duster dress.  We stayed at the Ace Hotel Portland, and that afternoon after checking in, we wandered around downtown, popping into shops and then eventually catching Clyde Commons for happy hour drinks and fries.  After that we grabbed and uber and headed to Church, then our favorite Portland spot: Hale Pele.  From there we went to a cozy little speakeasy called Bible Club (so cool!)

The next morning we brunched yet again, this time at The Country Cat!  I didn't take any photos of our Portland adventures, opting to enjoy the moments in real time, but Dan did snap these few pics of my outfit, which I felt cute wearing.