waiting for october

Last week Dan and I got to go out sans-Jack for the first time in forever!  We headed into Portland to grab some drinks and food at Church, but when we got there some event was going on and a bunch of kids were in there singing karaoke, so (since we were actively avoiding children that night, haha) we decided to walk over to Hale Pele which came highly recommended by my sister in law.  Oh man, it was bomb.  I'm not a huge tiki-drink aficionado, but every drink I had was so incredible, as was the food.  And I can't say enough about the atmosphere. I'm a fan of when a business or brand commits 100% to their thing, and Hale Pele was an intimate tiki wonderland.  

I'm bracing for another weird month without Dan.  He goes back to work up in Tacoma this week, which means we won't be spending much time together until we can move back in October.  Being in this odd time living in other people's houses has been stressful and if I'm honest, I could go for one of those fast forward buttons so I could skip this next month and just move back to Tacoma already.  In the meantime, it's my busy season for work, so I'm buried in wedding images to edit, which helps keep me occupied.