captain whidbey


This past weekend I was up on Whidbey Island for a wedding I was shooting and it was oh so relaxing.  I've never stayed on Whidbey, just passed through, but this time we spent two nights at the Captain Whidbey Inn, which was so rustic and adorable.  Getting to spend the weekend with Dan after weeks apart was wonderful and we spent hours on the porch drinking prosecco and talking, after Jack finally fell asleep of course.  

We have less than a month now till we get to return to Tacoma officially and I'm teeming with ideas, maybe too many ideas, for what I want to do when we're back.  I have tons of home update plans and dreams, things I want to do with friends, business plans, and overall I'm just looking forward to really investing in Tacoma and diving into being a part of that community again.  

In the meantime, we're kind of holed up down here in Oregon with the wildfires raging just a few miles away and smoke thick in the air.  It's extremely heartbreaking to see the devastation this fire has wreaked on the Columbia River Gorge and we're all down here hoping and praying for rain, which is not something us PNW folks are used to doing.  

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