Slow Sundays


It's that time of year when being outside means being pelted with rain, so I'm hiding indoors today instead.  These days I don't often find myself wearing a cute outfit, I usually just wear whatever I slept in until I decide to leave the house and then I just throw on some jeans and a top and call it good because I'm just going to cover it all up in a coat.  Oh, and a hat is absolutely necessary on 99% of days because my hair lately is just the worst.  Hence the messy braid AND the hat displayed here.  

With the exception of the shoes, this whole outfit was thrifted.  Most was thrifted this summer while I was living in the Portland area (the cardigan I got many years ago at Goodwill and is a staple in my closet).  At the time I was feeling super motivated to give my personal style more attention, aaaand then we moved and life got crazy and getting dressed became the last thing on my list to be given more than a passing thought.  Blows my mind that I used to do outfit photos every. single. day.  Girl had so much more time on her hands.  I'd kill for that time now that I'm a mom.

Anyway, Sundays are kind of a reset day for us here.  I've been trying to keep up a routine of deep cleaning one room in the house, watering all my plants, and grooming Dusty every Sunday.  If I don't, then those things just get forever pushed to the bottom of my to-do list and then all my plants will be hanging on for dear life, our house is a shit-hole, and Dusty's nails are way too long.  So, boring but necessary, and at least today Dan made blueberry pancakes for brunch so I'm running on carbs and butter rn.