More Brunch!

high waisted wide legged jeans

Another day, another brunch!  This time we went down to the Downtown Tacoma Market at the old post office building and grabbed brunch at En Rama!  They don't usually do brunch, even on weekends, but every time there's a downtown market, they do brunch!  Luckily this time it fell on my friend Amy's birthday weekend so we got to head down for a special birthday brunch for her!

I love En Rama, and their drinks are amazing but the food is pricey and you don't get a lot of quantity.  Which is why typically I don't eat there, simply because even though it tastes seriously incredible, I just want to go eat an entire meal after having just eaten.  Which miiiight be what we ended up doing (tacos tho.  So, it was like... lunch, so a totally different meal. clearly). Anyway, my advice: don't miss En Rama.  But maybe eat first at home... and make sure you have a DD cuz the drinks are stiff (and amazing).