Farmer's Market Summer Days

Lou & Grey Striped Summer Dress-9.jpg

Is it weird that I prefer shooting my own outfit photos?  I suppose after 10 years of doing it with my me, myself, and my tripod, it makes sense that it'd be the most comfortable way for me to do things. I do like having friends or Dan shoot me sometimes, but there's something almost relaxing and comfortable about DIY outfit shoot sessions.  

Summer is in full swing here in the PNW and oh how I love this time of year here.  I'm not joking when I tell people I want to snowbird to southern California during the winter PNW months.  Sorry not sorry I'm not a fan of damp, dreary weather.  Tried it, don't like.  Give me snow and sub-zero temps over that mess any day.  I figure if I don't get a proper (snowy) winter anyway I might as well escape to the desert right?  Now I just have to convince my in-laws to let me live in the Brave in their Joshua Tree, CA driveway all winter.  I think as long as I bring Jack, they'll be down.

And speaking of Joshua Tree, last time I wore this dress was in Joshua Tree!  I guess that's actually the last time I was somewhere warm enough to wear it.  

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Dress : Lou & Grey via Goodwill | Shoes : c/o BC Footwear
Sunglasses : c/o Moorea Seal | Tote : DIY


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