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Friends!  I'm so excited to finally be launching Design BFF sessions!  I've spent years fielding design questions from friends, family, and online followers, that I finally decided to make it an official service that I offer.

Designing your own home can be paralyzing!  There are so many colors, fabrics, tiles, furniture, and even if you have a healthy Pinterest board of inspiration, finalizing your finishes and figuring out how to put it all together can feel overwhelming.  You need a design bff!  

I love being able to come in and cut through the noise to help you create a space that is joyful and beautiful. Whether you need help deciding on paint colors/tile/etc, are down to DIY your renovation but aren't sure where to start, or need help shopping for lighting, hardware, or furniture, I'm excited to guide you and help you nail down your vision.

kitchen before.jpg

Want to know how it works? Head over here to get the scoop.  It's an easy process that will give you direction and clarity and get you moving in the direction of your dream space!  I love creating budget friendly design, so if you don't have a load of cash to drop on your new design, don't freak out.  I'm happy to work with your budget, big or small, to help you make some magic.

One thing I want you to keep in mind is that you don't have to do you transformation all at once.  I'll give you a plan and direction, but you don't have to bust out a whole room in a weekend if you don't have it in your time and money budget!  All of my own personal design projects have taken many months to finish because I spend money as I can, and do projects as I find time (which isn't often as a new mom!).  We all see those crazy HGTV shows where people get a brand new kitchen renovated in a week, but that's just not realistic for most of us!  Give yourself realistic expectations and be okay with doing things a little at a time, that's how most of us do it!

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If your interest is piqued and you feel like this might just be the thing you need to help you finally transform your room(s) into a space that brings you joy, head over here to get all the details on how it works!  

Seattle Interior Designer
Seattle Interior Designer