Boho Attic Closet Update


I love converted attics so much. They feel like magical treehouses to me. When we were house hunting I oohed and ahhed whenever we went up into any top floor that had angled ceilings and little dormer windows. A lot of the time converted attics are a bonus space but since our house is about 900sqft, a significant portion of our usable space is in the attic. Jack’s bedroom is up here as well as our closet (because our bedroom “closet” is the size of a small coat closet and also houses our water heater).

This space has always had tons of potential in my mind but has tended to be a dumping ground for clothes and junk because it’s upstairs and I don’t spend much time up there. But I wanted to finally fix it up and give it some life and organization. My shoes have always been an annoying thing to store and took up way too much floor space so I built a quick and easy shelf to store them in a cute way!

I totally forgot to take a photo of our clothes rack on the opposite side of the attic, but it’s just a simple DIY pipe garment rack (I used Rachel Denbow’s Tutorial).

Find the DIY for the shoe shelf here!

Dresser + Rugs: Craigslist
Shoe Shelf: DIY
B+W Plant Baskets: Iris + Poppy and Joann Fabric
Peace sign print: c/o Vol 25