Keeping an eye out with Ooma Butterfleye

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Keeping our home safe is something that's increased in importance dramatically since we brought Jack home.  Or maybe it's just a result of binge watching way too many Forensic Files episodes on Netflix. Either way, finding really easy ways to keep our home safe that seamlessly integrate into our lives has become a much higher priority for me, so I was looking forward to parterning with Ooma to try out their Ooma Butterfleye camera.

We used to have a home security system... which I removed so I could wallpaper the wall where it was installed (safety... first?), and while we used to use it daily, when we moved back in October, it just never settled back into our routine and I never reinstalled it.  We may eventually install it somewhere else in our home, but I really love how easy the Ooma Butterfleye is in comparison.


With our security system we had someone drill into our wall to install the keypad, it was attached to our only outlet in the room, and was kind of stressful to arm/disarm.  What I really love about the Ooma Butterfleye is that not only is it a camera, which our other system didn't have, it is battery powered so we can put it anywhere in the house we'd like monitored (heck, I could probably use it as a baby monitor in Jack's room if I needed!), it sends updates right to my phone, and it automatically goes into private mode when it senses that my phone has entered the home, so I don't have to manually turn it on or off.

It doesn't have an alarm or anything, which is one reason I think eventually I'll reinstall our security system (I do like that a loud alarm will go off if an intruder enters after that system has been armed), but you can set it to recognize familiar faces, so it won't keep telling you an unidentified person is in the room when it's just your husband.  

I like too that it's small and can be easily hidden or blended into your decor.  Nowadays we're all used to having an Alexa or Google home sitting on a counter, so something small like the Ooma Butterfleye kind of just disappears to the eye.


My favorite thing about it is that I manage everything with my phone which is super easy and straightforward, which is what I need now that I'm a mom and pretty much nothing else in my life is easy and straightforward.  

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