Spring Cleaning my Wood Floors

Thank you Swiffer for sponsoring this post.


I think we can all agree that hardwood floors are pretty much everyone's jam these days.  I love our wood floors, but Pacific Northwest winters are definitely not gentle on them. Our front door opens into our living room, which means that all the mud, wet shoes, and other grossness from the soggy outdoors gets tracked right in, directly onto our floors.  I’ve been impressed with how they’ve held up over the years, but I also have been wanting to give them a little extra love since we’re (fingers crossed) moving out of the nastiness of winter and into the slightly less nastiness of PNW springtime.

I partnered up with Swiffer to try out their WetJet Wood Starter Kit, which was perfect because we already use the Swiffer Sweeper (which I use to attempt to keep on top of all the dust and Dusty fur that accumulates at an alarmingly rapid pace in my house. She’s acting all cute in these photos but she’s the reason I have to clean my house on a weekly basis or drown in dog fur). Truth be told I never really actually looked into how best to clean my wood floors, so having something that is quick and easy to use that I feel safe using on my 100-year-old craftsman hardwoods takes the brainpower and time out of worrying about floor care.  

Shout out to this slick little thang for making me a little less annoyed when my husband trudges his worksite construction dude work boots in the house and leaves boot prints everywhere.  JK… but seriously. Now all I have to do is whip this thing out, squirt some fancy Swiffer wood solution on the floor, rub it around real good and wham bam thank you ma’am, my work here is done.  

Also, if you are wondering how many very-not-cute outtakes of the jumping-while-holding-a-Swiffer shot there are… it’s several.  And I’m definitely sharing them on my Instagram stories, so pop over there for a nice laugh. Get your own WetJet Wood Starter Kit on Amazon!