Menswear Monday

Ball & Chain

This favorite human being of mine just happens to be having a birthday today! It's so crazy to me that we met when we were both 18, it seems so long ago, and yet, not long ago at all. Time is odd like that. Yesterday I went out and got his birthday present and tonight I'm going to try and make this delicious recipe for dinner. I made that recipe two years ago for my family and remember it being absolutely delicious, so I'm gonna give it another go.

I was testing out how well my new lens would work for outfit pictures and using Dan as a guinea pig and I really liked how the photos turned out, so I thought I'd share them. These photos are from Friday night when Daniel played open mic. He did a couple covers, and this one is Ball & Chain by Social Distortion. He may or may not kill me for posting a video of him playing, but I thought he did so well I just wanted to share it! In the photo above he's attempting to demonstrate how wide the 24mm can shoot, haha. Almost wide enough!


This week on Menswear Mondays: G-lasses.  Specifically, horned rim, fifties glasses.  Not much to say about them, I think they can look really great sometimes.  Sometimes they look contrived and like the person wearing them is trying too hard.  I like them for the most part, though.

I feel like I've been relegated to posting only a couple times a week since I'm so busy dealing with other things in life.  I finished my first painting for my painting III class,  I have been making the posters for our senior art exhibition, I had my release party for CORSAIR on friday night, and I've been working all weekend.

I can't believe I'm mere months away from graduating with a bachelor's degree.  Time is flying now faster than ever.  I feel like my life has finally found its calling with this whole magazine thing.   We'll see what happens after graduation.

MwM Episode 3: Leathuh

This week on MwM:  Leather Jackets!  Nothing can transform a boy from good guy to bad guy like a kick ass leather jacket.  Of course, we all like them to actually be good, but looking bad is so alluring, am I right?  Look two incorporates week one's focus, scarves, and leather for a softer look.  The last look is a mixture of this and last week, a leather vest.  

Tomorrow is printing day for issue two of CORSAIR, so hopefully I'll have some pages to show you guys soon.  I am looking forward to that, as well as getting some feedback on my painting from my painting prof.  
Other than that, I am really over human beings right now.  I think that's probably why I just want to stay home and be alone in my room all the time these days.  Mostly I am over girls.  I am so glad I don't know the kind of girls who are slutty, bitchy, drama-raisers.  I have not ever had to deal with those kinds of girls, and thankfully I don't think I ever will.  I am praying to God that if I ever have a daughter, she never has friends like that.  I will seriously just kick their asses personally.  I'll be the crazy 40 year old mom.  Sometimes I think that no wonder guys don't like being with some girls and cheat on them all the time.  Girls can be so naggy and untrusting and whiney.  But guys can be dirtbags too, by all means.  

Sometimes I just lose faith in humans.  I will have faith in them again one of these days.  Thankfully the people I am friends with and hang out with are good quality people.  

MwM Episode 2

Here's to another Menswear Monday!  No, I did not forget, I have just been out an about doing things since 8:30 this morning.  The second issue of CORSAIR Magazine is looking extremely lovely and I am quite excited for it.    But anyways, onwards and upwards to MwM!

This week is all about vests and vest type items.  As a default, this post is also all about layering, since wearing a vest on is own would be somewhat strange, and decidedly too cold for the recent climate.  My favorite of these is the second one,  the dark jean vest is just so eighties, I can hardly stand it.  It almost makes me want my own black jean vest...

I'm a little embarrassed to admit it, but I think I could go for some acid wash slim jeans.  Well, actually I could just go for doing my laundry, but I'm way too busy.  What is your guys' favorite vest look?  All four have such different vibes going for them!

Tomorrow I may have some sneak peeks of issue 2 and some finished works of art!  Stay tuned, lovelies, and thank you for the comments, they make my day!

Menswear Mondays!

Well, In light of my recent post on men wearing scarves, I have decided to try and do a "Menswear Monday" every week. This is mainly for my little brother who is just starting high school.  I wish someone had imparted any sense of style to me when I was in high school, so I thought I'd try to do something for my little bro.  I'll try to do themed weeks, but for this first one I will just put pictures I really liked.  I'm not going to pick photos of guys who don't look like something my little brother would like, since the main idea behind this is for him.  I might pick some more avant-garde photos every once in a while that I really love, however.  So here we go!  The inaugural MWM!