the perfect tree

I've featured some of Parker's work here before, but these photos were just too good not to share.  Besides, tis the season for Christmas tree spam, right?  These photos make me wish that I was a little boy all bundled up for a christmas tree hunting trip with my Dad.  I'm always amazed at how Parker evokes such tangible feelings in his photographs.  Parker mentioned in his blog post that, since these photos were shot for the Kinfolk Magazine winter issue, they had to be shot back in July.  It's pretty incredible that he evoked that cozy, rubbing your hands together feeling, even though it was well above 70 degrees when these images were created.  Head over to his blog to see the rest of the images, or pick up a copy of Kinfolk!

all photos via Parker Fitzgerald

Photographer Crush // Parker Fitzgerald

V. Porter

I first discovered the work of Parker Fitzgerald after seeing his photos of Chelsea, who I'd met up with on the Brave trip. Just recently he took some photos of another lovely blogger who, incidentally, I also met up with on my trip! The beautiful Vanessa from The Velvet Bird. I visited Vanessa in Georgia, but she's just moved to Portland! I keep meaning to make it down there to visit her, as well as the many other bloggers and friends who call Portland home. Hopefully I get down there before summer ends. But I digress. Parker creates incredibly beautiful photographs. His portraits are some of the most arresting I've ever seen, and it's refreshing to see a great photographer with a love for film, when most of the photography world is abandoning film for digital. I think his polaroids are my favorite. I've got a Polaroid Land camera that I've made feeble attempts at getting to work, but so far no luck. I always tell myself I'm going to start using film more, as I've got quite a few film cameras, but I never remember. I think I'll add "take film photos" to my summer goal list. I digress again. Take a looksie at these beauties and then head over to his website, blog, or flickr to see more!

K. Riley
L. Ghambari
A. McConnell
M. Adelaide
K. DeGast
J. Sullins
E. Galash

52 Letters // A Birthday Card

My BFF turned 25 this past weekend, so naturally one of my 52 letters had to be a birthday card! I'm behind on posting my letters because a) I'm slightly behind on writing them and b) I didn't want to post this letter before it arrived and ruin the birthday card surprise! This birthday card has been my favorite to make so far and I made it on a piece of paper bigger than my usual letters on accident and then didn't want to fold it up to fit in a normal envelope, so I made my own by sewing a pretty little envelope myself.

P.S. isn't Freja so pretty? I cut her out of the new Free People catalog, which is, of course, full of expensive prettiness. I'm pretty stoked my hair is the same length as hers now!

Thread Love

Lucky Jackson, of 365 Lucky Days has been making these amazing embroidered beauties every day since she started the 365 Lucky Days project. She's currently on her "Blog Crush" week where she's embroidering portraits of her favorite bloggers and I saw a bunch of my favorite bloggers pop up there too! Elsie from A Beautiful Mess, Erin from Calivintage, Jill from Lune Vintage and James from Bleubird Vintage. Check out more of her work at 365 Lucky Days.