The winners were announced today for the ModCloth name it and win it contest featuring cities all over America! The winner for Anchorage, Alaska's dress went to Elle Croft, who came up with the name "Forget-Me-Dot Frock". There were so many entries, it was hard to pick! I had to have my mom help me decide between the top two names! For those of you who don't know, the Forget-Me-Not is Alaska's state flower. I realize that maybe that's not specifically to do with Anchorage, but we are Alaska's biggest city, and most people tend to think of Alaska as an entire entity rather than recognizing it as having cities with different characterizing features. Congrats to all the winners! And thanks to ModCloth for letting me be a judge, it was really fun!

Love of my Life

I missed Valentine's day while I was in New York, though "missing it" is kind of overstating things. As I don't have a Valentine this year, the holiday kind of just passed by without even being noticed. Nevertheless, I thought I should at least try to get into the spirit of the holiday once during the month of February. These photos are part of the Forever Sweetheart contest over at Chictopia, where you post a photo holding a sign with someone you love on it. Naturally, my Valentine is my future companion, the trusty 1970’s Winnebago Brave I’m going to travel the country in! I don’t want to make the other love of my life (1970 El Camino) jealous though, she’ll always have my heart! I seem to have better luck falling in love with ugly old vehicles than real live people, which suits me just fine. If the only heart I ever steal is a Small Block 350, I’m perfectly okay with that.

dress & ring/F21 :: top/guess :: shoes/vintage
drawing by me

Speaking of the love of my life, I found this commercial today and I have decided that I want to live inside the amazing world that is this commercial. I feel like if I'm ever sad, I will just go to this video and will become instantly happy again. The tackiness is intoxicating!

Nicole, from If I Haver, just showed me this video, and now I want my future family to be just like the one it depicts. I think my kids would have a blast traveling around making new friends at RV parks and doing homeschool in an RV. What a magical childhood!

Dear Life,
Please be just like these videos.

Also, on a totally unrelated note, one of my lovely sponsors, Baby Says Boutique, has a bunch of new inventory in stock, so if you're in the shopping mood, head over and check out all the new gorgeous items!

Riding boots and Free stuff!

I decided to dig out my old riding boots and give em a go. They are still kind of dirty from spending hundreds of hours walking courses and leading horses. And muddy show days. I have misplaced my bootpulls, so I had to borrow some of my dad's alan wrenches to get them on. They still smell like horses, makes me miss those days.
This outfit is pretty similar to the last one, but I had to put these boots on today and this skirt was the only one that was the correct length. I need to do some alterations on my other skirts. I always buy things that almost fit or are almost the right length, when thrifting.

skirt/thrift : shirt/thrift : boots/old riding boots : belt/brighton

Exciting thing:


I am giving away this little box full of goodies! I am not telling what will be in the box, but I promise it will be good. Look at it coyly opening it's little door to try and give you a peek of it's contents! But no! You must wait until you win this little guy!

Just leave a comment on this post before September 1st (August 31 at 11:59 pm), and I will then randomly choose the winner from all of the commenters and contact them to receive their little box!

So get to it! Comment! Tell your friends! ... unless you are greedy and want better odds of winning...

Young Frankenstein

I am currently watching Young Frankenstein, and if you haven't seen that movie, go out and rent it straightaway. It is probably the funniest movie I have ever seen. It's such a shame that today in order to be funny people think they have to be vulgar. I haven't seen Borat or Bruno, but from everything I've heard, they are really vulgar. Now, I know that there is a lot of humor in things that aren't politically correct or "proper," but we seem to have lost the era when adults could be entertained by simple humor.

young frankensteinyoung frankensteinyoung frankenstein
young frankenstein

I found this dress on ebay last night. I think Gunne Sax is my favorite clothing brand of all time. If I had my way, pretty much all my dresses would be Gunne Sax. My mom used to wear Gunne Sax dresses when she was a young gal. Her wedding dress was even Gunne Sax. My wedding dress is going to be Gunne Sax, if I have anything to say about it.

cute gunne sax dressI entered the Topshop Bicycle Contest at Chictopia, go check it out! Five winners each week get a bicycle from Topshop! This is the last week of the contest, so it's the last chance to win.

Last but not least, the lovely Parapluie tagged me to do this little guy. I even copied her and used this site to make the neat card.

So I am going to tag BELLE.CHANTELLE, Tink in my Closet, and Qin at the Disco. Go ahead and share what little things made you happy today!
And anybody, for that matter- leave your comments telling what little things made you happy today. It's always nice to focus on the positive things.