Living Room Finishing Touches

Having a toddler in your house makes it remarkably difficult to complete home projects, go figure. I was able to get my banana leaf wallpaper up during one nap, miraculously, but other than that, things have been slow going.  That being said, I'm pretty excited about how things are coming along, slow as they may be.  I've been able to thrift and craigslist some really awesome pieces, so I'm pretty much set on furniture, and now it's just more of the finishing-touches type things that I need to bring the room to where I'd like it to be.  I don't have a huge wishlist of things, but these few pieces would really tie the room together, as the dude would say.

Living room inspiration

The Sexually Liberated Mother's Day Gift Guide

Happy Mother's Day!  No seriously HAPPY mother's day.  Mother's Day usually gets boiled down to some decent flowers, brunch, and a quickly scrawled card, and, well, I think we think of moms in a very mom-y way.  But listen y'all, let's not forget how moms became moms in the first place. This is a mother's day gift guide of a different sort.  I think being a mom is great, and celebrating all the mom-y mom things is nice, but sex is an area of a mom's life where she can shed all of that.  She doesn't have to think about cutting crust off of sandwiches, or changing diapers, or her son's algebra grades in the bedroom.  And hey, did you know that (conveniently) May is also Masturbation Month? So this gift guide is celebrating mom sex life.  Yeah, it looks a helluva lot different now, doesn't it ladies?  Postpartum sex is like a whole 'nother thing, and so sexual self care has been very important to me, especially since my healing process took for-ev-er. It's so worth cultivating a healthy and pleasurable sex life, so here is my NSFW Mother's Day gift guide.  Have fun, mamas!

1. Chakrubs Sex Toy
Chakrubs are sex toys made from pure natural crystals.  To be honest, walking into a sex shop and being confronted with a veritable cornucopia of differently shaped dildos and toys that do all sorts of fancy things to get you off is intimidating and overwhelming.  When I came across Chakrubs I loved the simplicity of the design, and that they're created from something natural, not plastic or rubber or silicone.  While I'm all for a good vibrator or what have you, I much prefer the simplicity of the Chakrubs.

2. Insane Stimulating Personal Moisturizer
I've never been very into lube, but it's super recommended to postpartum mamas due to the low personal lubricant production caused by the drop in hormones after giving birth.  So I've been looking around for something a little more fun than your standard lube and have seen some good reviews on this!  I think I'll try a sample before splurging on the full bottle, but they've got tons of sample packs to try, so that could be a fun activity!  Test all the lubezzzz.

3. Herbivore Jasmine Body Oil
I believe that sensuality is a holistic pursuit and that means treating your body with love, even if you aren't actively pursuing a climax.  A delicious body oil like Herbivore's Jasmine body oil can be a lovely way to love on your body by slowly rubbing it into your skin post-shower, or you can have your partner give you some foreplay action by using it as a luxurious massage oil.

4. Unbound Box Subscription
I will be the first to admit that I kind of hate subscription boxes.  Not because I dislike the concept or the products that are in them, mostly because I feel like a lot of the time I'm ending up getting stuff I don't need sent to me every month.  Like, I like makeup, but am I really going to go through enough make up that I need a box full of new products every month?  The thought of all the *stuff* cluttering up my house stresses me out.  But when I heard about these Unbound Boxes, I was intrigued.  Not only are they not monthly, they're quarterly, but I can totally get behind getting new fun lubes, toys, and other sexy goodies to try.  Plus, I'm pretty sure that with the subscription only coming quarterly, I'd forget about it and then it'd be a very exciting surprise in the mail! 

5. She Comes First- The Thinking Man's Guide to Pleasuring a Woman
This book was recommended to me by a gal who does work in marriage and sex therapy years ago and I keep meaning to pick it up! Heck, you could save this one as a Father's Day gift as a gift to yourself disguised as a gift for him, muahahah.

6. Pleasure-Proof Lipstick
Having your lipstick get all over your face when you're making out with your lover is super lame.  But not getting to wear pretty lipstick out on dates is also lame.  When I first discovered LipSense I was skeptical, I was used to taking my lipstick and lip brush with me out on dates so I could run to the bathroom after a few drinks and re-apply.  But this stuff seriously does not budge.  So, yah, you can shove your face into that pillow as hard as you want, your lipstick won't ruin it anymore.

And if you're looking for some Sexual Liberation inspiration and guidance, head over to Sex Love Liberation, an amazing blog run by the gorgeous Ev'yan Whitney, and check out her podcast The Sexually Liberated Woman too! I hope you have a sensual Mother's Day, ladies! (even if you're not a mom!).  You can have brunch too.  Brunch is totally foreplay.

My Camera Bag Review Roundup

Over the years, as both a blogger and wedding/portrait photographer, I've acquired a good collection of camera gear.  Lenses, camera bodies, accessories, they're all super valuable necessities for my business, and so finding a perfect bag for carrying them when I need to be on the go is essential.  There are tons of awesome companies out there who are making camera bags that not only have amazing functionality, but are gorgeous.

faves from moorea seal

favorite items from moorea seal
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t's been so exciting watching my friend Moorea kick ass this year.  Not only is her shop constantly full of drool-worthy pretty things, she's publishing not one, but two books!  Damn girl.  So thankful to blogging for bringing us two Pacific Northwest gals together.  Her first book, The 52 Lists Project, comes out in September, but she's currently got it up for pre-sale on her shop, so if you want to be one of the first to get your hands on it, head over and preorder it.  And even better?  The first 100 preorders get a signed copy!  Get your signed copy now before Moorea dethrones Oprah because girl is killing it.
I've been simplifying a lot (like... a LOT), and have been starting to make the move from house to Brave, which is a lot more overwhelming than I anticipated.  Anyway, small, simple details are important to me for Brave living.  I love the dip-dyed macrame wall hanging and can envision it fitting perfectly on one of the few walls in the Brave.  
While my size 4 fingers are too small for traditional mass-market rings, the midi ring trend has become my new favorite thing.  I'm in love with these little gold and turquoise rings, and since some of the collection are size 4, I know at least a couple would fit me!  The rest would just have to become gifts for friends because none of my fingers will fit a 7.  #babyhandproblems
I'm not a piercing person, I don't even have my ears pierced (with my hair you'd never see earrings anyway...).  But I do love a cute nose ring!  When I saw this faux nose ring nose clip in Moorea's shop I immediately bought it.  It's so much fun to be able to have a pretty little nose ring on days when I'm feeling extra wild.  And a rad pair of aviators tops off the look perfectly.  
I love that Moorea still has these glass diamond terrariums in her shop.  Two years ago when she opened her online store and did her first product shoot at my house, she brought them over and I had just bought one from the maker on etsy shortly before!  I knew I was going to love everything in her shop because everything she brought for the shoot I wanted to steal and keep.  Luckily I'd already bought this little guy, and I love that she still offers them!

a colorful modcloth wish list + giveaway!

I don't know if it's the graphic designer in me or what, but any time I go to put together a wish list, I always want to separate things by color.  Today I'm doing a giveaway for a $100 gift certificate to ModCloth, but I also wanted to share some of my favorite things, inspired by the new design's color scheme!  Things have been really spring-y here in the PNW so I'm feeling really inspired by spring colors and outfits.  With festival season starting, there are a ton of festival-style wish lists popping up, and while I love festival/bohemian style as much as the next girl, right now I'm much more into graphic, bold, colorful styles.  
What style are you feeling right now?  Has festival fever hit you yet?  I actually have never been to a music festival before!  I'm not super into music and going to concerts, but I would love to go to a music festival one day.  We've got some big ones here in Washington.  I have lots of friends who have done Sasquatch, and quite a few who have gone down to California for Coachella, but the tickets are pretty steep and I'm just not in the loop to pay attention to when they go on sale and such.  Are any of you planning on going to a music festival this year?  Which one?  Have you gone in the past?  Was it awesome?  Tell me all the things!

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