My name is Liz!  You can usually find me working on one home renovation project or another, flipping a house or two, and oh yeah, doing that mom-life thing on top of it all.  As you can probably tell, I tend to fill my plate with maaaybe too many things?  It's fine, you guys!  I'm in therapy.  Want to get to know me a bit more? Head over to my About page!


If you're new here, yay!  I'm so glad you found my internet home.  I've been blogging for a decade (yeah, I know, crazy!), so you have no shortage of content to peruse!  Over the years I've blogged about everything from personal style, recipes, home decor, and more.  These days my posts focus mainly on home decor/interior design and personal style so that's probably what you'll see pop up here in new posts (but I reserve the right to throw you a curveball, cuz this is my blog after all, I can do what I want).


If you want to follow the blog, I recommend using Bloglovin', but you can also follow with any of your favorite blog-following methods.  I'm most active on Instagram, so if you follow there, you'll definitely get notified when I post anything new!  


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Need help deciding what color to paint your exterior? Should you take out that wall between the kitchen and dining? Wallpaper... yes or no? So many choices! Let me be your design bff.